Tchassi Jordan

Self-taught front end developer,

School-taught software Engineer

About Me

I am called Tchassi Jordan, a junior front end web developer. I love playing basketball, listening to music, programming and solving everyday shortcomings with lines of code. Web development is more of a marathon for me, it's all about getting myself out of my comfort zones, working with others while pushing my abilities mentally and physically as a developer and as a person.
Writing lines of code is very important but I prioritize bringing my expertise in a spirit of complete harmony and transparency in order to give our project the magical touch it needs. I challenge myself so that your objectives and mine can be attained.

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  1. Converting website designs into functional websites
  2. Designing & building responsive websites
  3. Connecting front end UI to backend using REST APIs
  4. Deliver dynamic websites using javascript
  5. Building chrome extensions


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  • Websites
  • Javascript Games
Living the Social Life

Living the Simple Life

Living the Simple Life is a website I built with responsive design my principal focus. The website consist's of three pages; a home page, an about page and a recent post page. In this project I built a pixel perfect website that is responsive across multiple devices such as; mobiles devices and desktop/laptop devices.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
queens creamy cake illustration

Queens Creamy Cakes

Here's a marketplace I worked on for a pastry chef. The main goal of the project was to enable the chef present her goods and services through the platform. To realize this web app I used React to build the front end UI and firebase as back end.

  • React
  • CSS modules
  • Firebase
Bteach illustration

Bteach - Business & Tech

Bteach is a freelance website for teachers, academic tutors, and professors. I teamed up with 3 other developers to develop this product. Our principal motivation was to build a platform that solves two United Nations sustainable development goals, specifically no-poverty and quality education.

  • React
  • Tailwind CSS
  • CSS modules
  • Firebase
Nokia3310 snake game

Nokia3310 Snake Game

This is a web application snake game I built from scratch. Building it I encountered some problems like establishing the game logic and many others.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS


This is a web based game called Pac-man, can be played on desktop only. A very challenging project to realize, in which I encountered difficulties like implementing object oriented programming in javascript.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS


I write on important features or topics on my coding journey.

react logo

How to create a react carousel app

In this article I simplified the process of creating your first react app, how to create a custom react hook. And equally sing that hook to create a carousel app.

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Featured Talks 🎤

Being the co-Lead of the Google Developer Student Club Yaoundé I, I participate in practical event/study jams we organize practically every saturdays on google technologies and equally the trending technologies and topics in the industry.

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Practical discovery of Git & GitHub

A purely practical event in which the other speakers and I talked about version control systems(notably Git) and corresponding hosting services like GitHub and their advantages. How to kickoff using them in your projects.

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